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IPhone and iPad app development

ios iphone app development services

Custom iOS app dev services

Recent market survey for the FY-2015-16 suggests there are around 59% iOS users who are squirting day by day. The excrescence of this boom has developed the huge pool for iPhone apps these days. At the same time, one has a right app for the right person at the right time in the market. Not only that, the app has a life that a user can experience while being handy with it.

At Siya Infotech, we believe expertise with a bunch of imagination and a synergy in the meticulous efforts would serve today’s iOS market the best. A strong hold on coding languages like Objective-C and Swift allows our users to have a once in a lifetime experience.


In-house expertise of Xcode and iOS developers helps us in being focused and nurtures the organization.

This provides a better regular update session to be maintained. Differentiation is what we die hardly believe into to contrast us from the other iPhone apps available in the market. Integrity is one another very profoundly ingested in Siya Infotech. Hence, we work with appropriate guidelines provided by Apple along with pledged approval from the app store.

We differ from other iPhone dev. Companies in various aspects such as

  • State-of-the-art SDKs and designs for the app
  • Supportive domain knowledge
  • Bug-free app24×7 support availability
  • 24×7 support availability
  • Tailor-made interfaces
  • Dedicated UI/UX support
  • Features apps that list among the top listed apps in an iPhone
ios ipad app development services

We believe in making the iPhone experience for you that is not just user friendly, but user attentive and receptive at the same time. Experience here at siya Infotech, helps execute designs whereas imagination infuses soul to the app.

Case Study


Cloud Media And Blogging

The team of Siya Infotech Solutions has implemented some unique ideas for developing My Cloud website. The purpose of this system is to allow users to upload videos, photos, songs without the necessity of physical storage devices.


Revolutionary POS

Rapid RMS is a most powerful iPad point-of-sale system created by us. Our intention behind developing this software is to offer most comprehensive Point of Sale system that allows inventory management as well as numerous options for the payment.


S.M.S for Namibia University

Our University level SMS system includes industry’s most comprehensive set of features and future-proof technology helps colleges to manage hostel and student information. It is easy, flexible and time saving solution for the colleges.

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