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How much does it cost to create an iPhone app?

cost for iphone app creation

How much does it cost to create an iPhone app?

Developing mobile app is vital nowadays, if you want to grow and simplified your business. However, finding the iPhone app development company which can easily understand your business needs.


There are so many questions that wonder in the mind of any owner. The most important question is that you should ask to yourself is

How much does it cost to create an app?

The answer to this complicated question is not at all that you will think. Many things which need to take into considering few vital points to remember for this purpose are given here:


Asking this kind of question is very similar to the question like ‘what’s the price of a car? Then the answer can’t be same as depending on, what kind of car you want to buy? A used one with great mileage or a brand-new car? The same questions need to ask for the mobile apps.


If you are searching for the cost of creating an app, you will likely to have various kind of answers. The answers surely varied as it starts from few thousand dollars to a million dollars. The answer to your question of “how much does it cost to make an app” can difficult to answer depending on what type of app and scale of your mobile app. This is because mobile development involves a lot of different variables, so the final price is surely according to those factors.

Type of App development costing:

The app development cost not the same for every type of apps. There are two different kinds of approaches are used nowadays for this purpose.

The fixed app cost:

In this kind of app development contract, the cost of the development is fixed. Irrespective, the development time which is taken for this purpose. That sort of approach is great for the small-scale app which doesn’t have many features and functionality is also very easy.


However, in this method some time you make the certain change and tweak your process, the fixed price can easily have altered. Thus, any ‘fixed’ price can’t remain fixed which can greatly affect, depending on the number of work development resourced needed.

1. Hourly development cost:

An ideal approach is surely hourly as you need to pay according to some hours’ developer need to work on that project. This part also covers the complexity associated with the iPhone app development cost.

2. Waterfall Vs. Agile Costs:

There are many types of software development methodology available for the mobile app development.

The basic different between both these methods are planning and speed. In the Waterfall app development method, it is important for developers to make a complete plan of each process.


This method is not easy to improve the development and design process for developing an iPhone app but also helps you to have a clear understanding of how much it likely the development cost? The app which is created with the help of agile strategy, need less planning.


Moreover, this kind of app development approaches more likely to work in a fixed price model as everything is planned ahead of time. In this stage, the client and the developers reach an agreed one acceptable price to spend on the entire app development project.


Agile structures always developer to follow an hourly rate that pays based on the amount of work or effort needed to produce. However, before beginning, it’s very much vital that as an app owner you should clearly understand these rates and how they are tracked if it is hourly. It is important when searching for the correct answer about how much iPhone app development cost for your business?


The app development process consists of various things like Development, Testing, App Administration, Infrastructure, features, design, planning, etc.

3. Step wise division for developing iPhone app:

Take the example of the above given graphic process. As per the given graphic if the total app development cost is around $200000 then different stages have separate costing.


Planning and documentation stage 7.5% cost, Development and Testing consist of 10% of the cost. Alteration and entire project management cost is also 10%, Server system maintenance around 2.5% cost and remaining 50% cost for the app marketing purpose.


However, if you want quality app development at low cost, then we are providing cost-effective iPhone app development service which are just $2700. The only thing we are expecting from you as a client is a too accurate information about your app idea and we will provide app of according to your vision contacts us at

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