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Top Eight Reasons Why Your App Rejected By The App Store

Top Eight Reasons Why Your App Rejected By The App Store.

Top Eight Reasons Why Your App Rejected By The App Store

Getting place for their app is something that every iOS development companies dream. All the apps submitted to the app store goes strict review process, a phenomenal workload for the employees of Apple considering the number of submissions each day.


Some common factors that need to consider before approving or rejecting an iOS mobile app. However, there may be some obvious reasons like featuring pornography, gambling, or misspelling product names. In this article, I have talked about most important reasons for the app rejections and what any iOS developer should avoid this mistakes.

1. Defective or improper information:

The various study suggested that almost Apple rejects 14% apps are because of incomplete or defective information. To reduce this kind of mistake So, make a complete note and ensure to fill in all the information which may be needed for review. For that in is important that you should include all the features that are a part of your developed iOS app.

2. No Crashes and Bugs:

It is important for every iOS development company to make sure that they submit an app for review only after it is complete. You need to test your app completely before making your final submission on the iTunes store.

3. Please avoid repeated Submission of Similar Apps:

Submitting multiple apps which are complete ties up the App Review process and a great risk of the rejection by Apple. For that, as an iOS app developer, you should restrain yourself of submitting the same type of app. Instead, you should try to combine your two different apps into one.

4. No Broken Links in your app:

It is essential that all the links in your app should be properly functional. A link also needed for user support with up-to-date contact information and iOS mobile apps for kids should provide a link to your privacy policy otherwise, this even little mistake can prove cause for the app rejection.

5. No misleading information about Religion, culture, and ethnicity:

As per Apple Store Review Guidelines, apps that have references or commentary about religion, cultural or ethnic group which sounds offensive will not be able to make through. So, need to confirm that description shouldn’t use any information which can harm any religion or culture. This is specially applied for religious apps as information should be clean, educational, and informative.

6. Relevant metadata:

Metadata includes names, description, ratings, and rankings. As iOS developer, it is important that you remain specific about the names and description you are using in your application. Moreover, it is also important the description is relevant to the functionality of the application. Most important you should avoid using the similar name of popular apps to avoid any change of rejection.

7. User interface:

There are a separate Apple human user interface guidelines for iOS developers. So, any apps submitted for review should follow these Guidelines. Apple empathizes for creating simple, refined, creative, and well thought through interfaces. Apple has set a high standard for UI them. So, if your user interface is complex or just about average you may face rejection. That’s why developing best interface is almost essential.

8. User’s privacy:

    Privacy is one of the most vital factors. Today all the install apps on your mobile device seek permission to use some of your personal information. For if you have developed online dating app, it will surely ask personal details such as your name, age, gender, interests, etc. As a mobile app user, I would surely not like if my app automatically user my personal detail and neither the team at Apple never like this and that’s why they straightaway reject apps without the privacy policy.


    However, reading, understanding, and implementing all of these above iOS app development guidelines not make your 100% full proof for rejection. There could be other reasons apart from the ones we discussed in this article. All you should do is to emphasize on the quality of your iOS app.

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