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Top 6 most effective features of WordPress 4.7


Top 6 most effective features of WordPress 4.7

WordPress 4.7 happens to be one of the biggest released till date, which brings some exciting new improvements and several bug fixes. In this article, I have discussed what’s new in WordPress 4.7 and which are the excellent new features of the WordPress development.


1. New default theme Twenty Seventeen:


It is new default theme comes with a focus on business websites in place of blogs. It comes with starter content to help new users start a WordPress website in minutes. This theme is best to be used as a blog as well as website theme. However, the most important thing about Twenty Seventeen theme is its crisp typography, which looks best on all types of screen sizes.


Other important features of this theme include large images, full-screen header video and pictures, and highly attractive mobile-first design. All these feature elements make Twenty Seventeen most attractive starter themes for any website.


2. Video headers support:




In this version, WordPress offers video header support for themes. Moreover, many free and premium themes were already allowing users to add full-screen videos. This new feature makes easier for the WordPress users to integrate even while seeing the live preview quickly. It also allows WordPress users to upload their videos in mp4 format, or add a YouTube video to their site.


3. Improved Media Library:




In this latest WordPress version, the media library can searchable by file name, whereas previously it can only search based on the post a file was attached to. It is certainly very helpful when anyone to find an image uploaded some year back. Moreover, in the media library, PDFs will have thumbnail image previews, which makes it makes selection process very easy.


4. Smart Menu Building:



Sometimes WordPress developers have the clear idea about how you want a site to be laid out before adding actual content for the site. Now, when you create navigation menus in WordPress, it is possible to create new pages on the fly. So, when users publish all the changes in the WordPress site, the new pages will be ready in the back end to add content.


5. Editor Improvements:




The post editor in WordPress is where WordPress users spend lost of time for creating content. With every WordPress version release, there is constant effort to improve the editing experience by making it more accessible and intuitive. With WordPress 4.7 it brings some significant changes to the editor. Users can now see keyboard shortcuts in tool tips and drop-down menus. For example, the paragraph and heading selector menu will now appear in the top bar. The underline button has removed. Moreover, strikethrough and horizontal line buttons also moved to the kitchen sink bar.


6. Admin Language Control:




WordPress 4.7 permits users to switch the admin area language from their user profile. However, for that user must install the languages before changing the language.


So, here are most important new features in WordPress 4.7 which boost the performance of any WordPress site. Do you want to develop your website using latest WordPress site? Then you can hire WordPress Developers from us to create the great online platform for your business.

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