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Nine Mobile Development trends to watch out for the 2017


Nine Mobile Development trends to watch out for the 2017

Nowadays, Smartphones device has become an intimate part of our daily routine. Waking up with a morning alarm, using WhatsApp or Facebook, listening to your favorite music, reading news, watching YouTube videos, checking mail accounts, booking movie or bus tickets, or making the swift transaction from your bank everything is seamlessly executed from our mobile devices.


However, it is also true that while the use of the mobile significantly increased, but most of the time mobile devices are used for accessing specific mobile apps and very rarely for other tasks.  Further, trends of Mobile App development are constantly changing. Here, are some trends which we likely to see in the year 2017.


1. Increasing numbers of Cloud-Driven Mobile Apps:


We all know that what is cloud technology and how it’s helps for easy storing and reverting large amounts of data. It has shown its presence for many years, however, only recently cloud computing found its place in the mobile app development world. Today, we expect powerful mobile apps which directly obtain data from the cloud and obtain minimum space in your smartphone memory.


2. The number of enterprise level apps will rise:


It is estimated that by the year end of 2017 more than the use of enterprise apps will significantly increase. That’s because enterprise apps make the running of day-to-day business much easier and faster. Moreover, these apps help enterprise to stay constantly in touch with customers.


3. Improvement for the Security of the Mobile Apps:


Cyber-attacks are the most frequent problem that we have seen in the recent time. App development companies can offer great help to their clients by focusing on and developing apps that can meet the basic security requirements for every app user in a safe and secure way. This trend will improve the trust level for downloading mobile apps.


4. AR & VR Will Show Some Magic:


In this year, Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) apps bring the great revolution in gaming and entertainment industry. Popular Game Apps like Pokemon Go, Sky Siege and myNav are some examples of AR games, whereas VR devices like Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and slowly become popular. Therefore, hardly any doubt that these two technologies will show their strength in the future.


5. More and More M-Commerce Apps:


The cashless economy is the word that we hear so many times. These days, instead of using Credit/Debit cards, considerable numbers of people prefer to make purchases from the Google Wallet and Apple Pay as it is a convenient way of making transactions.


6. Data Science and Big Data:


Growth in business is directly proportional to data analytics. Big data help to deliver valuable information precisely. The mobile apps that can provide, this will easily become popular in the upcoming year 2017. Therefore, the future of the Data Science and Big Data Mobile Apps very bright.


7. Internet of Things:


All the connect gadgets are controlled using desktop and mobile applications. The fact that ever IoT-related software requires a dedicated application that can enable the users to manage smart devices, mobile apps may find a place in future IoT related which are innovativeness and popularity among the masses.


8. Attention on Mobile App Designing:


The importance of UX/UI is not going to vanish in the recent future, user-experience has always been the highest parameter regarding measuring the success of the mobile app. To make apps visually appealing and user-friendly, firms are capitalizing on illustrators, animators as well as graphic artists. In this year, some emerging mobile app design trends will emerge like split-screens, grid-based interface designing, micro interactions, splash screen and parallax graphics.


9. Development of enterprise apps


Two most vital factors responsible for the recent surge of enterprise applications. One of them is they make it easier than ever before to maintain interactions with clients. Moreover, with custom mobile apps for business, day-to-day management will become lot easier. The common example for enterprise app will be CRM mobile app which can pull up relevant customer info about the customer.


When it comes to mobile app development technologies for skilled mobile app development work, developers cannot possibly rely on outdated tools and trends. Instead, they should better prefer above given trends for to provide highly advanced mobile app development work for the users. all over the world.

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