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Six Web design trends that watch out for 2017


Six Web design trends that watch out for 2017

Trends are meant to always change and web design world is certainly not different at all. Some Well-Known changes that happen in all types of associate web work and web design is no different. In the recent year, the industry has changed significantly as attractive web design has become the most important element for any successful website.


Here, I have given some web design trends which are recently catching attention all over the world:


1. Mobile first approach:


Although, the mobile first approach is not known by any means but, recently it has grown like fire in the forest. It is proven by the data that mobile phones now considered as a primary device that’s why more and more companies realize the importance of delivering content on the small screen. It also helps them to get the desired conversation rate. We also anticipate that more sites likely to providing their content to smaller screens, rather mobile design being thought only after creating the desktop design.


2. Wider implementation of responsive design:


It is a widely anticipate trend in the recent time. Today it is important that site which is loaded with the same speed and looks exactly same in the computer or mobile devices. Moreover, if any store owner prefers responsive design, then it surely helps them to elements the need of spending big money for this purpose.


3. More Effective Utilization of rapid prototyping tools:


The use of rapid prototyping is one of the most useful breakthroughs to hit the web-design world. In the recent year, there are tools like UXpin, Webflow, InVision and Marvel all allow web designers to create fantastic website designs. In fact, some of these tools allow launching a website directly from the device itself. It has become popular as it is easy to use and that’s why it save lots of precious hours and resources.


4. UI/ Patten and framework:


Today, UI/UX design are emerging across the web, as with so much online competition today for brands across all sector users are the central figure. Every design should be created according to this principle.


5. Focus on originality:


Customers today seek authenticity from the brands they use, and stock pictures should look real as just good images won’t sell now days. It’s vital if you want your brand to create a strong connection with its audience. Then you need to consider unique design so that it stands out from the rest.


6. Use of advanced animation:


Animated storytelling is another web design trend that many brands are using as it is easily able to capture better user’s attention, and animation, in part because of developments with HTML5, CSS, and jQuery, is a most vital tool for developing great web designs.


Therefore, it looks like web design will become highly important part of any website, and that’s why many organizations will focus on this aspect. If you are looking for, the expert UI web designers then you should contact us with your requirement.

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  I am working as a Web Designer at Siya Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – web apps and POS app development company. Designing has always been my passion which makes it obvious that I chose my career in web designing. The motive behind writing this article is to share my experiences and discuss my experiences in this blog.

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